Do we have enough seeds? || Stardew Valley #282

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game primarily inspired by the Harvest Moon series. At the start of the game, the player creates their character, with them becoming the recipient of a plot of land and a small house, which was once owned by their grandfather, in an area called Stardew Valley. The plot is initially overrun with boulders, trees, and weeds, but the player works to clear the fields and restart the farm, tending to crops and livestock as to generate revenue and which to further expand the farm’s buildings and facilities.

The player may also interact with non-player characters (NPC) that inhabit the town, including engaging in relationships with these characters; this can culminate in marriage, which results in the NPC helping the player’s character to tend the farm. The player can also engage in fishing, cooking, and crafting, and also explore procedurally-generated caves with materials and ores to mine or battle creatures within. The player can take on various quests to earn additional money, or work at completing specific collections of materials offered at the town’s Community Center to gain additional rewards. All these activities must be metered against the character’s current health and exhaustion level and the game’s internal clock; if the character becomes too exhausted, they will be returned to their house restored with energy on the morning of the next day, but having forgone any opportunities to continue in activities from the previous day.

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